Episode 234: The Disaster Dopist

December 15, 2017

Oh, Hi Hopers!!

The guys finally got to see the new masterpiece "The Disaster Artist". James Franco nails his performance as the fiends' hero, Tommy Wiseau. The Disaster Artist is about the "Best Worst Movie Ever Made", The Room (2004). And if you guys know anything about P and Pass, then you know their expectations were high when going to see this film. Did they love it? Did they have any major problems? Find out in this episode because the guys break down this movie from start to finish. 

And as Tommy would say, You con laugh, you con cry, you con esspress yerself, but just don't hurt each ofver.


Episode 233: Home Alone (Doped Up)

December 12, 2017

The fiends get in the Christmas Spirit by doing a commentary to one of their favorite holiday movies, Home Alone. They discuss everything you need to know about this classic Christmas movie, like would The Wet Bandits really survive all of Kevin's traps? And what does Kevin's dad actually do for a living? 

So watch along with the guys or just sit back and listen to them comment on this nostalgia filled film...


Episode 232: Hope from the Dope

December 10, 2017

In this episode the fiends give you their Top 3 "Actors They'd Want to be Best Friends with" and then play a few rounds of The Character Name Game and Trivia Pursuit.


Episode 231: The Mighty Dopes

December 5, 2017

In this episode, the fiends give you their Top 3 "Sports Teams from Movies", play another round of the game with no name and Trivia Pursuit, and also get into an awesome discussion about addiction. 


Episode 230: Better Call Steve

December 2, 2017

The fiends had the pleasure of sitting down with Steve Scenna. He is basically a gun expert and all around great dude. They get into some awesome discussions about gun control and mass shootings, give you their Top 3 "Movie Lines from Comedies", and a lot more hilarious topics. 


Episode 229: Mr. DopeBot

November 29, 2017

This episode starts off with P telling a story of a recent tradegy he witnessed, then the guys give eachother some awesome pieces of trivia during "Trivia Pursuit", and lastly they give you their Top 3 "Evil Corporations in Film" which leads to an interesting discussion that rounds out this hilarious episode.


Episode 228: Yoga Hopers

November 25, 2017

In this episode the guys give you their Top 3 "TV Parents", play another round of the game with no name, and they also have some awesome discussions about life.

The 2DopeLess Hope Fiends would like to dedicate this episode to Cindi Grazio...


Episode 227: School of Dope

November 20, 2017

In this episode the guys give you their Top 3 "Movie Teachers", discuss Black Lives Matter and The Alt-Right, and the fiends also try out a brand new game.


Episode 226: D for DopeLess

November 14, 2017

The guys get into a crazy amount of games in this episode, which leads to some hilarious moments. The fiends also bring back the classic "Tony Danza Game" and give you their Top 3 "Movies Where the Future is Drastically Different".


Episode 225: Stranger Fiends 2

November 9, 2017

The guys get lost in The Upside Down in this new episode. They break down the entire second season of the insane Netflix series "Stranger Things". The fiends give you all their thoughts on the season and more. Did they like it or hate it? Listen and find out...