Episode 205: IT’s Doped Up

August 19, 2017

They all float down here...

Join the fiends as they watch one of the most iconic TV Movies of all time, "IT". Stephen King's classic story was first put on screen back in 1990 as a mini-series. Tim Curry gave us all nightmares when we were kids with his terrifying performance as "Pennywise The Dancing Clown". IT is getting a remake this year, and with IT coming out in less then a month, P and Pass decided to do a commentary to the original version. The guys talk about everything you could ever want to know about both the 1990 version and the remake: The differences between Tim Curry's Pennywise and Bill Skarsgard's new one, How much the R rating will make a difference, and a lot more. 

So watch along with the fiends or just listen as they break down this classic movie.


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